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Developer tools 04/10/2022

Developer tools

This article is a tool for adapting modules by developers who want to do the adaptation. What is a developer tool? A toolset to simplify module development for Ocionic, which allow..

App modificators 04/10/2022

App modificators

Additive modifiers are recognized for expanding the functionality and working for a similar logic with OpenCart modifiers and adding modifiers in the project root, without a detailed description. Unl..

Possibilities 04/10/2022


Opportunities for developers. We want to start our acquaintance with the development documentation by getting acquainted with the capabilities of the application to understand the big picture. ..

Models 04/10/2022


Product thumbnail model Index Type Buttstock Description stock Array..

Payment methods 04/10/2022

Payment methods

How is adaptation of payment methods taking place? In the ocionic application, payment methods are divided into 2 types: standard and acquiring. Next, you will see documentation on the adaptati..

Delivery methods 04/10/2022

Delivery methods

Adaptation of delivery modules. Standard delivery modules do not require adaptation. The exception is delivery methods from sub-options. For example, the "Nova Poshta" or "SDEK" delivery module, wh..

Routing & API 04/10/2022

Routing & API

Internal routing information, corresponding API endpoints, and application page models Internal routing and corresponding endpoints Tab #1 ("Home") Internal link /tabs/tab1 Default endp..

Google PlayMarket 04/10/2022

Google PlayMarket


AppStore 04/10/2022



Routing 04/10/2022



Layouts 04/10/2022


The application layout system works in a similar way to OpenCart layouts. To edit or create a new unique layout, just go to the desired section and customize the layout. Route of the layout ..

Modules 04/10/2022


The logic of most modules is absolutely identical to most standard OpenCart modules. Therefore, we will consider one of these in our review: This module is a universal module for displayin..

Settings 04/10/2022


General settings # Settings Description 1 Google Firebase Server Key Google Firebase server key required for sending messa..

Deploying ionic project 04/10/2022

Deploying ionic project

Is the development environment ready? Let's move on to the next steps. Unpack the archive with the Ocionic project on your PC. Open a terminal and navigate to your project f..

Ionic installation 04/10/2022

Ionic installation

In order to install the Ionic development environment, you need to install Node & npm. After installation of Node, you can proceed with installing ionic by running the following command i..

Module installation 04/10/2022

Module installation

Installing the module for OS works like installing other modules - just extract the contents of the archive for your version of OpenCart to the root folder of your OpenCart<..